Does Wanelo Have a Target Audience?

Let’s take a dive in and try to make sense of Wanelo’s target audience.  Currently, the majority of the sites users are categorized as young and female.  Even though the digital shopping platform attracts many different kinds of people, they are not targeting any specific demographic at this time.  Rather they are focused on building a platform for shopping that is open-ended and powerful enough for anyone to use.  When we take a look at the landscape of the internet and the social media boom that has occurred in recent years, it’s seems obvious to say that teenagers and young adults are usually the target audience for new social platforms.  Even if a social network isn’t specifically targeting millennials and young people, they are the ones who have grown up during the rise of social media and often times make up the majority social network user bases.


Image Credit: BI Intelligence

Wanelo’s focus is centered on pushing trends and highlighting products that the masses like.  When more users like a product, that product gets more and more exposure.  Because this is such an integral part of what Wanelo is doing, a large majority of their users are millennials because they are the consumers who are pushing and following trends.  The most popular styles and brands on Wanelo cater towards young people.  Even more so, the applications features cater to young females due to the culture that surrounds fashion and the strong correlation between women and fashion. Teens and young adults have grown up sharing their thoughts and ideas online.  This concept can be a bit abstract for older individuals because they simply aren’t as accustomed to it.  Millennials are often the ones posting products on Wanelo and pushing them to trend and in some cases they are the product makers and designers themselves.

In an interview, Sean Flannagan, VP of Product at Wanelo, had this to say when asked about the age groups that Wanelo appeals to other than teens,

“A lot of Wanelo users are in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and beyond. Wanelo users definitely skew younger than users of other sites in this general category, but we at Wanelo are not doing anything to target a particular age group, and we’re seeing Wanelo appeal to a really wide range of people.”

It will be interesting to see how Wanelo’s user base continues to grow and evolve.  While they may not be targeting any particular demographic right now, they may have to as other digital social shopping networks establish loyal customer bases as competition.

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